Here are the questions that we are most frequently asked, if you have a question and the answer is not here just get in touch and we will be happy to help! 

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How much does carpet & upholstery cleaning cost?

Every house or work place is different, room sizes can vary and for that reason we don't have set prices for rooms, instead we base the price of the cleaning on the size of the room you have. If you know the sizes of your room get in touch and we can give you a price by phone or email, whatever suits you best. If you don't know the sizes we can come out and measure for you and leave you with a quotation. 

How often should I have the carpets cleaned? 

Manufacturers recommend that carpets are cleaned every 6-12 months with regular vacuuming and 12-18 months for upholstery, this limits the build up of soiling helping to prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery. 

Do I have to empty everything out of the room first? 

No, we know that it isn't always an option to empty a room entirely, so we just ask that any smaller pieces of furniture, nest tables, pot plants, standard lamps, are moved out of the room. We can then work around the larger pieces like the suite. 

How long does the cleaning take?

The time of the cleaning will depend on the amount of cleaning that is to be done. Once you have let us know what needs done we can give you an approximate length of the appointment required, we will always over estimate this so you can plan the rest of your day. 

Are you insured? 

Yes, we are fully insured. 

Do you guarantee that the carpet won't shrink? 

We guarantee 100% no shrinking will be caused by our cleaning. 

Do you hire out the cleaning equipment? 

Unfortunately this is not a service we provide. We believe that to get the best results the equipment should be used by a trained professional, that's where we come in! We bring the equipment, we bring the solution, we unpack it all, we clean your carpets, we pack up all the hoses and equipment, we even close the door on our way out! Saving you time and money, usually the cost of the machines you can hire don't include the cleaning solution, and then there is the problem of getting the machine in the boot of the car...

Do you clean domestic and commercial carpets?

Yes, so whether it is a freshen up of your lounge carpet or your office block needs the carpets cleaned we can help!

What is carpet protecting? 

Protecting is a stain guard that is applied to the carpet, it won't stop people spilling things but it can buy you some extra time to have the stain removed before it causes permanent damage. Protecting the carpets also makes it easier for stains to be treated in between professional cleaning. Ask about our retail cleaning products. 

Can you clean the bunks and carpets in caravans? 

Yes, if there are carpets and upholstery and mains power, possibly a water supply, we can clean it. Just call us to make an appointment. 

I have cleaned a stain and it looks like it is re-appearing. Why is this? 

Often store bought 'cleaning' products contain soaps, when used on carpets soap can leave a sticky residue behind, this encourages dirt to stick to the area, over time the soap is worn away and the stain seems to reappear. The cleaning product simply acts as a mask, covering, rather than removing the stain. The most effective stain treatment is carried out by carpet cleaning professionals, that is where we come in!

Do I have to remove the suite covers to have them cleaned? 

No, we clean the cushions and the body of the suite while the covers are on, we will even clean the scatter cushions!

Which areas do you cover? 

We cover the whole of the Fife, and Tayside areas including Perth city centre and the surrounding areas. 

If you have a question and you don't see the answer here just, just get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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