Upholstery is one of the hardest working soft furnishings in your home. To keep it looking its best we recommend regular cleaning to stop the build up of soiling. 

Using a hot-water extraction method coupled with our specialist upholstery cleaning solution we can keep your upholstery fresh and clean. This cleaning method allows us to remove the surface dust and grime from you upholstery, it is this dust and grime from everyday use that can cause fabrics and upholstery to appear dull, and can in the long run, cause premature damage and ageing to your furniture. Upholstery cleaning carried out by The Carpet Cleaning company is the best way to not only give your suite a new lease of life but help keep it fresh and clean for longer.

We also offer the stain protection treatment for further peace of mind, this is applied during the cleaning process and allows a little more time to act when accidents happen. 

Call The Carpet Cleaning Company today, from Perth to Dundee, from Dunfermline to St Andrews and everywhere in between we have it covered.

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